Watermelon Business: Lucrative Venture with Inherent Risks


Hustlers, let’s gather here.


You may benefit from this long post, a nugget of one of trying moments in my business pursuits.



Agribusiness, either farming or marketing of farm produce is a very lucrative venture; if one grabs the nitty gritty and ready to flow with the sheer sharp intricacies in the business world.


Few years ago, I decided to quit the salaried jobs amid economic recession in the country and I decided to delve into the world of entrepreneurship wholly with passion, strength and determination to bear and swallow the outcome, positive or negative, sweet or bitter, friendly or intimating, scaring or inviting!


With futile attempts to get employed in many multinationals, I see no much more fortune in the path of stipendiary tasks; hence, I have to seek fortunes and riches elsewhere.


I did a lot of research and consultation, and then I stumbled across people who make riches from fruit farming and trading.


In fact, I was told of some men from Oke Ogun, watermelon farmers, who made a lot of money to build houses, buy cars and enjoy life from the proceeds of their efforts on watermelon farming.


I was fascinated with my mentor who put me through the intricacies of watermelon marketing and always ready to provide the needed support all time, day and night!


Success will always be her portion all time for the support.


Intuitively, I took it upon me to start from marketing of watermelon in lieu of farming it due to my humble beginning with pure zeal and zero capital.


I actually crowd funded the venture then.


The first sets of business trips were very fascinating and lucrative with smiles on the faces of my investors and my humble self.


What a profitable venture I thought, hence I risk all monies in my custody to this venture.


Guess what happened!


This trip was a terrible loss, one of the most trying moments in my life.


How will I explain to my investors, will they be merciful, courageous and friendly enough to stomach the loss, yes some understood and to some mysterious, hence I lost not only money, but their friendships and respects also.


Story for another day, God Willing.


As usual, I did postmortem analysis for this misfortune!


Aside from the test from above, I teamed up with wrong team, a brother with super piety to leave other’s wealth to the hand of a helper just because he wanted to write final exam at Madrasah.


I need to blame myself to be so gullible enough to believe that every man gets the thick skin to survive in the business world.


I did the procurement, planned the loading and handed over our wares to a team member who later relinquished wares worth millions of Naira to my Hausa man whose task is just to help me with interpretation and knows nothing about my business moves!


What happened?


We lost, with half of the goods got spoiled before reaching Lagos, and eventually we had to sell two trailers load of watermelon far below the costs and unfortunately on credit due to gluts in the market again.


What a calamitous moment in my life!


Having said that, if I were asked, “is watermelon farming and business a lucrative venture?”


My answer will always be in the affirmative, Yes, it is a goldmine indeed.



All you have to do is know how to buy it, ability to recognize the quality ripe ones, superb negotiation skills with transporters, good interpersonal skills with suppliers and vendors, ruggedness and tenacity to keep going in the face of unfriendly circumstances!


Nice sweet watermelon can be sourced from Northern states, most especially Kebbi.


With ₦350,000 or less, transport & logistics inclusive, you can procure a canter load of watermelon, and sell at a profit of ₦50,000 to ₦100,000, or even or less in Lagos, depending on the forces of demand and supply.


Procurement and delivery can take place within just a week, meaning that a hardworking hustler can conveniently make two trips within a month.


I will love to support whoever is ready to take up this adventure with only advice, counsel, relevant information and probably links.




As regards watermelon farming, I’ve get one nice e-book I can share with whoever is interested with just one condition:

Visit to Like my Page on Facebook, Exploring Agribusiness, and invite at least 10 of your friends to like the page, then chat me up on WhatsApp to receive the e-book.  

The e-book is worth ₦5,000, with impressive information on watermelon farming.



The Merciful Merchants

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