Warning Farmers: Avoid These Costly Mistakes In Farming!

Someone told me his brother recently planted cassava on 75 acres of farmland.

Another person told me they planted 50 hectares of cassava.

These are good and inspiring news or updates, hopefully prices of food commodities will come down next year and peradventure, cassava by-products will regain their statuses as life savers and common man food going forward.

Yes, the inter play of the forces of demand and supply may force down commodity price, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of farmers, or results in losses to farmers who might have spent huge amount of money in cassava cultivation!

Let’s face it, being a farmer is no easy task these days, you get up before the sun starts to shine, you get almost no support from the banks nor from the government . . . costs of inputs rise sharply daily and on top of this you can’t determine how much you sell.

A group of friend planted 45 acres of cassava few years ago and ran into loss due to glut, in fact, the production cost is far above the selling price. They left farming in totality.

Same story was narrated to me by a business partner, who has vowed to avoid cassava cultivation like a plague.

Quite avoidable mistakes that many farmers committed include ;

a) Planting without thorough market analysis or without a specific focus on where to sell their products, when and how!

b) Planting a particular crop based on the prevalent hike in the price of that commodity at the time of planting, losing the foresight of the influence of forces of demand and supply on commodity price!

When the supply exceeds the demand, price plummets!

c) Planting without making provision for an option to go into processing or adding value to your outputs. Someone that planted 75 acres of cassava is expected by now to devise a concrete marketing plan/strategy or a means of processing his cassava into Garri, Elubo, or Fufu, etc.

d) Taking farming as a quick means of making money or a quick means to cut living costs. This is actually a false hope, farming is actually like any other business endeavors [even more riskier] where perseverance, persistence and staying power matters most before one could hit a home run.

This reminds me of a farmer tagged Olowo Ege [Wealthy Cassava Farmer], he is known and notable as a cassava farmer because he plants cassava rain or shine, either during the peak or off the peak period.

He remains persistence on cassava cultivation to the extent that one year when cassava became expensive and very scarce in the country, he harvested cassava in tons using trailers to park out his produce.

He made millions that year alone and since then he’s been a millionaire cassava farmer.

One of my clients also told me similar story last year, he said we have been into cassava cultivation over years, last year was the year of reaping the fruits of our consistency in cassava cultivation.

He told me that they processed cassava planted and harvested on their own 100 acres of land into Garri, Fufu & Lafun and they sold it all and even had more pending orders to supply on their neck then.

You need this to avoid costly mistakes in farming :

  1. Before planting, start from the market. Develop your marketing plan or strategy before you plant that crop.

  2. Have a keen watch on the forces of demand and supply. You can know the glut and peak period from simply interaction with middlemen, they have the calendar off hand most times their prediction comes to play.

  3. Be persistence and profit oriented. Develop expertise on planting certain crops and do it for long period of time.

Let me stop here for now! Add yours!!


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