15 Plant-Based Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are simply substances that make one feel good for sex.

They help increase one’s urge and also to make one enjoy the action. Yes, we are here to plainly talk about sex….in the aspect of aphrodisiacs.

Hello readers! We trust you’re doin’ good. This is one post we have been dyin’ to give y’all and now‘s da time. Agriculture is a sweet cocncept in life. From it we get food, shelter, clothings and lotta money. 

How about one thing that can easily be overlooked? Hush! This is for the matured and married ones. As we have said in a post once, we strongly discourage non-married readers from applying any sex related tip that may be found on this blog and especially this article.

Plants are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Yes, we all know that. But do you know there are a lot of plants that can help boost your sexual life? We assume you already know that too but porbbaaly not too familiar with them.

Yes, we are here to plainly talk about sex….in the aspect of aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are simply substances that make one feel good for sex. They help increase one’s urge and also to make one enjoy the action. 

There exists so many substances that do this and while some are wrongly said to be aphrodisiacs, there exists countless aphrodisiacs from place to place. 

We will not be writing about sex-enhancing drugs here and we do not even promote them. Rather, our focus will only be on natural plants (we are pro-agriculture) that have been proven by science or traditional practice to act as aphrodisiacs. 

Mandrake, ginseng, dates, chili, bananas are just various plants that possess aphrodisiac properties in them and are of course their origins differ greatly. 

Ginseng is Asian in origin and found more in China (Far East) while dates although also Asian, it is found in the Middle East region of the world (simply put; the Arabian peninsula) and kola is common to Africa. 

Aphrodisiacs are not limited to plants sources. There are non-plant sources too and many of them are common to us but we turn away from them in our almighty ignorance or simply use them for other things. 

Did you know your chocolate (just a mere drink or snack, right?) is another aphrodisiac? Did you just go agape? Okay, we can say chocs are still derived from plants (Cocoa tree, and we have written on cocoa too). 

Oysters and salmon are typical examples of animal sources of aphrodisiacs. Generally, aphrodisiacs can function by increasing potency or increasing pleasure or libido.

For your reading pleasure, we give you an exciting list of some of the most common plant based aphrodisiacs around (we shall list some not common in Nigeria also). 



Arguably the best name on this list (not a general opinion) and obviously the reason it is coming first, this plant does justice to this topic just like its name. 

We have written a twin post on it for men and women on why they should eat dates. While those pieces were written on some uses of date and yes, we also mentioned some of its sex related advantages, this will only focus on its aphrodisiac aspect.

Dates are infamous for their DPP extracts which largely increases sperm parameters e.g. sperm count, morphology, motility etc. 

Dates are usually mixed with other plants and made into smoothies which can not only be taken for the fun of it but mainly for the power-packed action required for sex. 

They can be mixed with tiger-nut and coconut and refrigerated. This is what produces the popular kunu aya that is drunk in the Northern part of Nigeria and has gained popularity also in the West.

Kunu aya is not to be confused with kayan mata, please. This mixture can be varied (blended with cucumbers, watermelon, with and without plantains etc.) and they usually produce the required action. 

Dates also can be soaked in milk and refrigerated. Enjoyment upon enjoyment, right?

So, pick a date with your wifey (or your hubby), chew some dates and end the date on a horny date, she’ll say at the end of the date, “THANK YOU HONEY”. Btw, honey itself is an aphrodisiac, but no, we’re strictly talking plants.

Read more: https://exploringagribusiness.com/dates-4-reasons-why-you-should-love-and-go-on-dates-men/


2. Bananas/Plantain

This should sound funny, right? This plant has had a funny reputation for itself over the ages. People easily refer to the penis as banana (not strange to hear locals call it “ogede”, “ogede agbagba”).

Bananas (and plantains too) have been used in mixtures to raise the sex energy. Banana contains potassium, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and as well as a bromelain enzyme which increases the sex drive in males. Super-exciting that is, right?

Unripe plantain can also be grinded and mixed with honey (we mentioned honey up there) to heal fertility especially on the part of the male. Unripe plantain also aids sexual power too.

Bananas can be included in smoothies for the action (remember the powerful and effective kunu aya) just as plantains do go in the mixture.

3. Garlic (Allium sativum)

Garlic is a powerful plant that is used as a spice. It can be eaten raw or if you are averse to its smell, why not?

Just swallow it. However, chewing is quite better as long as you won’t soon be smooching up with your spouse. But then, she might not be averse to it either.

So, what’s the fuss? Garlic is high in allicin and it helps to increase blood flow. You can imagine what that would do to you down below…winks. Experiments by Nigerian scientists have shown that garlic is an ethnomedical aphrodisiac along with other plants that were tested. 


4. Ginger (Allium cepa)

This should not be separated from garlic. These two plants are like twins (not at all resembling each other physically though) and many people till now don’t really know which is which despite the no semblance between the two.

Okay, garlic is usually white-skinned and wrapped up into cloves while ginger is just that tough-looking rhizome with brownish-yellow skin.

It, when eaten, can send some sensation into your system and yes, that is the kind of feeling you will be needing.

It is effective for increasing sexual drive or strengthening sexual power. It also increases blood flow and circulation to the body. With these functions, it is expected that you should no more complain about ED (erectile dysfunction).

It is no wonder the dictionary says ginger means vigor or excitement. Now, eat some ginger to ginger your swagger.

5. Kola (Garcinia kola)

This plant has featured in one of our articles and we did mention its aphrodisiac aspect there also.

Why won’t we? It is said, “He who works steadily is expected to have a good time for himself”.

So, after having discussed the need to cultivate kolanut trees and thus make money from that, shouldn’t a good farmer benefit from his handiwork by relaxing well at night? A bitter fruit yes, but its benefits are too good to ignore and of them is the aphrodisiac property. 



Watermelon is another aphrodisiac known in this clime. Like its moisture-filled sister, cucumber, watermelon has been proven to help increase blood flow due to the presence of citruline.

It helps in relaxation of the blood vessels and enhances arousal of the organ (sure you know which organ we’re referring to here). Watermelon can be mixed into a juice along with dates, tigernut, and plantain to give what we have mentioned above under dates. This is known as kunu aya (refer to date above). 


7. Cucumber

Another plant which has a funny reputation vis-à-vis the male organ, it shouldn’t amaze you when you hear people say “he’s got a (big) cucumber” esp when this is a talk among female folks, usually the immoral ones.

To be candid however, cucumber is known to aid the sexual powers of a man. It is no wonder that it can be used as a supplement to make kunu aya.


8. Ginseng

This man-like plant is a wondrous plant and we have mentioned it in passing. Ginseng is native to Asia and although a species of it also occurs in the Americas, both can be used for our topic here. Ginseng is to Asians what aloe-vera is to Africans (Nigerians).

It has been known to be a potent drug for a long time. The red ginseng is very popular for sex drive in both sexes.

It also helps to eradicate ED in men and improves arousal in women. As it is common that women are usually recessive as per sexual desire, this plant should be useful to make wives ask first as against the common thing.

Your hubby should like it that you’re the one calling him into the sheets now while you’re all cuddled up waiting for some body heat to be shared between you and the one who makes your heart beat. 

9. Chili

Chili is commonly found in the packs of noodles. A spicy substance, chili is powerful for what we need it for here. It has capsaicin which is good as it releases chemicals that aid the sex process.

It releases epinephrine (it is the same known as adrenaline) and endorphins. What a substance to make you have a legal, chilly sex. 


10. Tiger nut

Tiger nuts are locally known as ofio. They exist in various forms, some small and brown and another big and yellowish in skin colour. The former is known to the Yorubas and usually the own called “ofio” while the latter is less known here but popular in the North.

Both types are applicable under this topic and are used for making the name that has appeared in many of the plants we have mentioned above.

Reminisce “kunu aya”. This makes you know you can never undermine and underestimate the place of this plant. If you knew not its value before, now you sure do. The next time you come across that aboki hawking it in wheelbarrows, discard that shyness in your bag and buy some tigernuts for yourself (okay, and for your madam too, she’ll praise you for that act later on).


11. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum)

Are you thinking it’s from Greece? It is not Greek in origin per se. It has been used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and the Egyptians. Let’s just call it the ancient of days.

Fenugreek has been found to help increase sexual desire and arousal in both sexes. Another related benefit of fenugreek is its ability to help relieve one from piles (jedijedi) which can seriously affect one’s action – given that the back is a pivotal part of the body for sex – we all agree, right?

It is also said to increase the natural blood flow of women. For women suffering from dyspareunia, fenugreek can also serve as a cure so they can go on to serve their hubbies all well and good. It is however advised to take it against blood thinners.


12. Carrot

We are currently writing about carrot cultivation (hell no, you won’t read about aphrodisiac there so read it well here). Many do not know the potency of carrot in this affair.

Carrots are eaten as condiments in fried/jollof rice (African jollof has become a popular delicacy lately) and salad.

However, you can take carrot to spice up your sex life too. Experts have prescribed this plant for sexual power and not just experts, we are talkin’ ‘bout polygynous husbands. These are peeps who can say ‘bout them and their carrot aphrodisiac usage, “tested and trusted”.  


13. Velvet bean

This name might not ring a bell. Just you wait. Open werepe! Open agbala! Now its local name rings a bell, a very scary one at that. Mucuna pruriens or M. utilitis as it is known botanically is actually useful as an aphrodisiac. 


14. Saffron (Crocus sativus)

Crocus sativus is among the plants known for other things i.e. as a food spice but less as aphrodisiacs. However, you should know now that this plant has been popular as an aphrodisiac in the days of Cleopatra (you sure know her or have heard that name).

Cleopatra is no small name in the game of love, you can decide to go down the annals of history to find out what that implies but we’ll mention just a scene.

She was said to take a bath in saffron-infused milk. Saffron helps to increase sperm motility (movement). This is vital as it is one of the parameters needed for a healthy sperm i.e. needed for reproduction.


15. Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris)

Tribulus terrestris (TT) is a flowering plant of the family Zygophyllaceae which grows in dry climates. 

It is also known as bindii. It has been proven pharmacologically that it helps to increase the testosterone levels and thus a libido boosting plant. 

Go terrestrial, oh natural (not artificial with sex enhancers) and drive up your sex life.



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