Once A Pun A Time!

Below are 12 puns related to farm, crop and agribusiness:


1. Will you be my PUMPKIN, you’re so CORNY.



2. I see that upsets you, LETTUCE discuss it further.



3. Spread Hap-PEA-ness



4. I be-LEAF in you.



5. I love you from my head TO-MA-TOES.



6. I am in a serious relation-CHIP.



7. Time FRIES when I am with you.



8. I have BEAN thinking of you.



9. I know it’s CORNY, but you are aMAIZE-ing.



10. I ap-PEACH-iate you.



11. Just CHILLIN’



12. You can do it! You’ve got this! Encourage-MINT


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