Is Bean Farming That Profitable

I sponsored my university education with proceeds from bean farming. Bean Farming is a very lucrative farming business you can rely on.

I did the roofing of my house from the proceeds of the garden egg farming.



The first statement was uttered by the CEO of Excellent Farms, whom we met at an agro store recently, while he’s asking the dealer for Ewa Ifẹ̀ seeds and a particular agrochemical I couldn’t recollect now.


I asked him why he’s particular about the Ife bean seeds because I started bean farming this year and I planted Oloyin Bean seeds got from IITA.


He replied, “I have been doing this bean farming right while I was in Iseyin and it’s from it I sponsored my university education, I later forsook bean farming for poultry, I am returning to bean farming these days and I only want to start with Ewa Ife!”


Tell me more, sir. I inquired.


He said he started bean farming while he’s young. He narrated that a particular Tobacco Company was supporting farmers to grow tobacco leaves and helping them with a particular agrochemical, he mentioned the name but I can’t recollect now.

Bean farm

He said I tried the chemical on beans, spraying it every two weeks and it worked well and boost my bean’s productivity.


Thereafter, people started contacting me for bean farms set up and counseling in Iseyin then, as it appeared I was the most successful bean farmer then. From there, I got money to sponsor my university education, the man retorted.


Instantly, we exchanged phone contacts and I promise to visit him for more business discussion. I hope to visit him with his desired bean seeds, whoever knows much about Ewa Ifẹ̀ should do me a favor, I need to get this man Ewa Ifẹ̀ seeds.

garden egg plant

The second statement was made by a man I met at another agro store at Iwo last year, I was in a business discussion with the dealer before the man entered and asked for a particular garden egg seeds. He said he made quite a lot of fortune from his garden egg farm that year.


I completed the roofing of my new house from the proceeds of my garden egg farm!

Garden Egg farm

Hence, I am on the search for that particular garden egg seeds. He couldn’t find it from the store, I offered to help him find the seed of his choice in exchange for his success formula, he offered me the recipe.


Garden eggs


Here’s the point I am driving at, every successful business has a formula or trader’s secrets known to the successful ones. This formula can be easily replicated if one takes time to not only learn it but also put it into effective practice.


Also, budding farmers or upcoming entrepreneurs need to reach out to the successful ones, seek their mentorship, guidance, and support.


This is my method, for any business I carrying out, I will reach out to the successful ones or seasoned experts in the field first before delving into the ventures. Incurring these initial costs or paying for the mentorship won’t bug me at all as it’ll eventually pay off.


I traveled extensively and consulted widely before I started cucumber farming, yam farming, tomato farming, watermelon farming (I traveled as far as Kebbi state as regards watermelon), okra farming, to mention a few.


It’s out of these consultations and curiosity that I set up to record and share my experience in farming and agribusiness.


The gist of this post is this; always learn the basics before rushing into any endeavors or ventures. Reach out to experts, seek their mentorship and know-how to ask good questions, it will widen your horizons.


One wrong approach of seeking mentorship is failure to do initial findings yourself and asking too generic questions such as who will teach me cucumber farming.


No busy person will have that luxury of time to answer you, rather do your initial findings and ask questions like what’s the best species of cucumber to plant, when is the right time to plant cucumber to yield profits, what’s the best herbicides to apply, can you share your best operation formula, etc.


I remain Ismaeel Akintayo O, a farmer by the day and a hunter for legit online money-making hacks by the night. Go and subscribe to my blog now for farming tips and agribusiness updates.

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