Always On Facebook? Here Are The Means To Benefit Yourself From Facebook Or Any Other Social Networking Sites!


Alert: Long post, ONLY for hustlers!



Facebook is primarily a social network; an online place where people can hang out, socialize and share things of common interest.


With 1.18 billion daily users on an average, there is no gainsaying that Facebook is the place to be.


Apart from its role as a social networking website, it is one of the best advertising tools available for businesses.


It is no surprise, therefore, that many people and businesses try to earn money from Facebook.


With such a vast potential audience, it makes good economic sense.


Here is my personal experience on how you can benefit immensely from Facebook or any other social media site.


In 2016, I decided to put an end to salaried jobs.


Then, I decided to commercialize my snail farming activities.


Having gathered the prerequisite knowledge in 2009 and started practicing snail farming at subsistence level for years, it’s necessary for me to fish out the giant in the industry and learn the ropes from them then.


Aside from one offline mentor, I gathered lot of knowledge from Facebook; I learnt lot of money making skills from Facebook such as how to construct modern snail pen and various means of making from snail farming, which later formed part of the modules I teach others.



This is what I did; those days, I designated Tuesdays and Thursdays as days for extensive research on snail farming using Facebook as learning tool.


I would just insert keywords into search button on Facebook and learning started immediately with alacrity.


I will read every posts that popped up, downloaded any images and videos that surfaced and visited any links shared.


Through these concerted efforts, I realized lots of gaps which I later filled to make money and distinguish my enterprise activities from others in the snail industry.


I didn’t use Facebook as a learning tool only; I also used it to build million-naira business relationships which are still beneficial to me till today.


I did initiate discussion with successful big guns in the industry and from there we formed mutually beneficial business relationships and later became partners in the business!


Thereafter (perhaps a year later), I started dishing out meaningful and engaging contents to draw audience attention to my business name and activities.


This later paid off big time, with the help of Almighty God; I got an order to supply 12,000 medium size snails which was later fulfilled after teaming up with the giants in the industry.


Also, through Facebook I have a client who buys large quantities of snails in six digits worth of Naira on monthly basis, etc.


Lest I forget, I also recorded sales successes from my presence on Nairaland as well.


Ordinarily, this is the site where many lazy youths spend time to catch fun, abuse PMB or cause nuisances, but hardworking youths are using it to catch millions legitimately.


I got a foreign client from this “chit-chat” website.


I remembered I have sold properties worth millions of Naira via WhatsApp statuses and broadcast.


Summarily, Facebook is a gold mine, powerful money making tool, veritable learning tool and one of the best advertising tools for businesses.


In case, you’re interested in making money from Facebook, search for “how to make money from Facebook on Google”, you too can start making money from Facebook now.



How do you use your Facebook? Share your experience(s) in the comments section below.

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