How many plots of land make an acre?

With some little calculations, 6 plots make an acre if the plot size is 60x120ft. So converting an acre to a plot will give you one acre to 6 plots.

Alternatively, using the measurement of 50 x 100ft / 15.2 x 30.5m – 463.6sqm to carve out a plot of land, you will have 8.7 plots of land measuring 463.6sqm in an acre.

Given the calculations above, a plot of land is one sixth or approximately one eighth of an acre of land.

Why all these calculations? Yesterday, while driving in a traffic I stumbled upon a bill board of a farm estate, selling a plot of farmland for #250k.

An acre goes for #1.5m without perks nor any enticing side attractions.

Vividly, I “devoured” the whole content of beautifully designed and well placed bill board, thereafter I compared this service to what our company Tenera Farms Ltd offers, then I concluded we offer the cheapest farm land and most affordable farm set up services at the moment.

Yes, at the moment! Because upward price review may take place any moment from now!

Instantly, I put a call to my business partner and told him we need to review our prices, you may guess what the new price would be!

Coincidentally, a friend sent a flyer of a company doing what we do to me with a simple caption “your competitor”. Then, I do a quick on the spot competitor analysis, here’s what makes our offer stands out:

With #1.5m, our client not only owns an acre of land with valid document, registered survey, accurate farm layout, but also SOLELY owns a fully IRRIGATED cash crop plantation (plantain & oil palm) set up on it for him/her from the scratch with FREE top notch farm management for good 12 months.

This offers him/her distinctive opportunity to start making money from the farm right from the end of the first year, a whooping sum of #500k or more and double of this from the 4th year.

Add this to your benefits, the Pay Back Period for this investment is just 3 years, while you still own the land whose value appreciates over time and the valuable farm properties on it.

This is a rare opportunity you can’t get anywhere with #1.5m, others charge minimum of #2.5m for this service, I know a company that charges #4.8m!

Grab this perks now before upward price review, don’t miss this unusual opportunity. Yes, I can assure you it’s an investment that will deliver tremendous benefits.

It might just be one of the best investment decisions you’ll ever make, which might make your life richer than ever before.

You may want to speak with me for more details on this invaluable offer, call me on +2348024743010 or WhatsApp me on +2348065524808, I will be available to entertain your inquiries myself from now till 31st June, 2021.

PS: When next you see our flyers, note it that we’re offering 6 plots of land plus fully irrigated cash crop plantation plus free farm management plus nice money making opportunity plus lifetime investment!

Ismaeel Akintayo Owolabi
CEO, Tenera Agroinvestment Ltd

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