Would You Believe Most of Us Have Parcels of Farmland Lie Fallow Somewhere?

Why buy land for keep when you can buy farmland, plant cash crops and earn yearly returns while the land appreciates?

Secure your land and financial future today with a profitable investment in cash crop plantation and commercial farm real estates.

Recently, every one out of ten people I have met has at least an acre of land lying fallow somewhere.

Some can’t even recognize the place again.

Before I started intensive farming, I had to sell an acre of land I had due to this reason.

I know of a friend who has 4 – 5 acres of farmland lie fallow somewhere for 4 – 5 years now.

Another one owns singlehandedly 50 hectares of farmland, the land is lying fallow somewhere now.

We have many clients with parcels of land lying fallow somewhere.

In fact, in my journeys of setting up & managing farms, I have come across thousands of hectares of farmland owned by politicians lying fallow, uncultivated in many locations.

Let me share one of my experiences with you this morning.

Few years ago, I got a call from one of the country’s successful investment managers. I was referred to this elderly persons [husband & wife] by one of my clients.

On our first Ⓜ️eeting, the madam told me bluntly “Ismaeel, we are told you’re an energetic young business person who has passion for farming & agribusiness, as you see us here, we have many properties, having spent most of our early years to work and earn handsomely.

She mentioned some of their properties on choicest locations in & outside the country.

You’re invited here so that we can hand over to you some of our choicest farmland properties for farm set up & management on a partnership basis.

We have children, most of them are successful, living outside the country, obviously, we have varied interests. None of them shows interest in taking up our existing properties.

We love farming but no more strength and energy to carry it out but we still have passion for farming and agribusiness.

She narrated to me some of their past endeavours in agric sector.

Here’s the details of the farmland, book an appointment with Mr So & so living at Osogbo to take you to our 50 hectares in Osun state.

We will be waiting for your suggestion on the way forward. Then, we agreed to start out with cashew plantation.

Many cases like this abound, many busy people struggled to buy land and let it lie fallow while they can easily
outsource the farm set up & management to others!

Tenera Farms Ltd is built partly for this purpose.

Asides from our FARM WITHOUT STRESS project, we offer farm set up and management services to those clients who might have procured farmland elsewhere and want us to establish cash crop plantation on their land or manage their existing farms at a profit.

Yes, at a profit, you’re meant to profit from your investment in farming and I can assure you Tenera Farms Ltd is equipped with a team of seasoned farmers, experienced professionals, and calculated risk takers to make your farming experience a splendid one.

We would like to welcome you into the ranks of cash crop farmers without stress this year, feel free to reach us on +234 802 489 0107 | +2349159510867 for more details on how to get started.


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