Dates! 4 Reasons Why You Should Love And Go On Dates (Men)

Dates! Women love dates surely. Men also love to go on dates with women.


I was not referring to the ask-out (dates) but this post wants to talk about the plant, Phoenix dactylifera (dates). We have written about it in many posts due to its importance and we are not likely to stop anytime soon. And yes, we ♥ eating it too.


This post will be a twin post to why women should eat dates too (that would sound like why you should take your wife on dates….according to how I started, right? : ). Okay, let’s get serious here and continue to read.


What is a date? Or what are date plants?


date palm tree


Dates are plants gotten from the date palm tree. They are produced singly or in clusters from the palm and their fruit colours usually range from red to yellow. The fruit is the part that is consumed and it has a hard stone inside it that isn’t consumed.


Date is native to the northern part of Africa and South-Western Asia. These are of course regions that are associated with Biblical and Arab-Islaamic lands. It is then no wonder why the adherents of the three major religions (the Abrahamaic religions) hold this “stone” in high regard.


Dates are a very beneficial plant to both males and females alike. They have been reported to have immense benefits for ages even before Jesus Christ of Nazareth was ever born. Yeah, you read that right. In its native regions, it is consumed as a major food substance or as a supplement.


With few dates and water, one can easily become filled and energetic. This is due to its nutritional properties which you are soon read about.


Dates can also be found in or planted in the dry, hot regions of Nigeria too (the North). We are however not going to talk about the agricultural aspects of this plant as you can read about that or other related posts on your beloved agriblog.

Yours truly!


Dates are very significant plants with spiritual backings!




The researchers of the Holy Bible confirm dates were mentioned a whopping 50 times (or more). That is far more times than what is present in the Qur’aan of the Muslims – just around 20. Even though Muslims are more known to eat this small but great plant especially in their month of fasting (Ramadan), the Bible (New Testament) mentions it more.


It is referred to as tamar which is just a similar name to what it is called in Arabic “tamr” (although it also goes with other names in Arabic depending on its varieties or type). No surprises, Hebrew (or Aramaic) and Arabic are close languages.


One of the occurrences in the Bible is the entry of the Jews into the desert after escaping from the tyrant, Fir’awn (Pharaoh) in Egypt and a mention of it in the Qur’aan is during Maryam’s (the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ) labour.


In Jewish beliefs, the date palm is a symbol of prosperity and triumph (perhaps due to what is aforementioned about the escape from Egypt). Let’s not get too deep into religion although it is a good way to start.


Dates as an excellent source of energy




Dates are powerful stones. Oh I didn’t explain why I called them stones the other time?! That is because of its stony look and it also has a seed in its fruit as said earlier.


With a few date stones, one can be very active throughout the day even if such was fasting. This is known with Muslims who fast with the small plant in trying to follow the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (peace be on him).


I particularly remember the days of my university studies when I sold dates (I had many Christian customers too). I would sometimes fast with it and I would literally be active till the time of breaking my fast in the evening. Seems untrue? Try it out and give us a feedback!


Basically, it is because dates are filled with more than 50% carbohydrates when dry (tamr). How about the wet ones (rutb)?


So, if you are the type of guy who wants to be up and doing at work, school or wherever, you can pick some dates now (not with a girl…smiling) and ditch those artificial energy substances that can affect you adversely on the long run.


Dates as a cure for poison and magic




That sounds funny, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t actually. Dried dates can serve as an antidote against worms especially when taken on empty stomachs. A type of date (Ajwa) is used by alternative health practitioners to combat poison and the actions of sorcerers or magic. It is alluded to in the teachings of Islaam.


N.B: We have saved this last point for last and we are strictly talking to the legally married ones. We shall not be responsible for illegitimate offspring.


All about S*XXXXX




Let us start this mentioning the words of Ibn Al-Qayyim, the well-known Islaamic scholar and scientist who said in his work on medicine known as The Prophetic Medicine:

“Dried dates (tamr) strengthen the liver, relax the bowels, increases semen production especially when taken with pine……”


He also has this to say about the rutb;

“Ripe dates (rutb) are just like water, hot and wet, and they are favourable for and strengthen the cold stomach, increase the production of semen and fertility………..”


The keywords in the above quotes are to be noted. Relaxation of the bowels can have a positive impact in the sexual life of a man (if you know anything about incontinence).


Without any explanations, everyone knows the need for semen and its impact in a man’s sexual life. It is that whitish fluid that contains your sperm. You sure need that, and in sufficient amounts too, to make the drum sound in your wife’s belly.


Fortunately, (and unlike women) men can continually produce sperm even till old age. Ever wondered why that old man can still marry and produce a child?


How about fertility?

Date palm polen extracts have been confirmed by scientists to contain estrone and sterol which both aid male fertility and increases the sperm count. LSC is a great impediment to pregnancy but usually the female is looked at to the neglect of the male.


Dates can help to improve a man’s low sperm count and hence his chances of becoming “papa” all things being equal. And they do not benefit only the man, they improve the woman’s fertility also.


And if you come across any site, book or material talking about aphrodisiacs, I do not think dates will EVER be missing in the list. Okay, let’s not pour all the talk about s*x here.


Delighted with this read? Let’s know. Have questions? Let’s know.


Ciao! Sayonara! Ma’ Salam!


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