Increase Your Earning Capacity Via Agro Commodities Trading, Earn up to 100% ROI Annually, Boost Your Net-Worth!

How would you like to make 100% profit on every agro commodity trading you make? Of course you would!

That’s why this is probably the most important article you’ll ever read today. Because now here’s an opportunity to turn my YEARS of experience making big money through agro commodities trading into MASSIVE amounts of cash in your pockets.

With my simple, proven method for success you can literally create more income in your spare time than you ever could in your day job through prudent calculated agro commodities trading, so your cash flow becomes a real cash flood!

Let’s go through this simple scenario…..

We’re in maize season now; farmers are harvesting their fresh corn and probably begging to get the best price that they deserve to make profits on their spent efforts and resources.

Few months to come, adverts from big and small feed mill industries will be flying around, seeking for where to get dried corn in large quantities.

Why? Because about 60 percent of Nigeria’s maize is used for the production of poultry feeds, 25 percent is used-up by the food and beverage industry, and remaining is consumed by households.

You will agree with me that there’s high price variation between fresh maize and dried corn. This is where the profit lies! And it isn’t only applicable to dried corn alone.

You will also agree with me that not all farmers can’t wait to get the fresh maize dried.

Farmers are always in need of money, they want to plant something else, they need to buy more inputs, they don’t have that storage capacity, they don’t have that ability to exercise delay gratification!

This is a viable profitable opportunity you can exploit to double your earnings with little or no stress!

Get ready to participate in our forthcoming workshop on agro commodities trading July 24th & 25th, 2021.

With my WEALTH CREATION STRATEGIES in agro commodities trading, and notably if you join my MENTORING CLUB on WhatsApp, I will not only teach you how to make MASSIVE MONEY from agro commodities trading, I & my dedicated team of seasoned agro traders will see you through it until you can successfully do the business alone.

To give you a sneak peek, here’s the workshop content:

1. Getting started – Introduction to Agro Commodities Trading.

2. How to Determine Profitable Agro Commodities.

3. Effective Trading Strategies

4. Profitable Procurement Strategies

5. Reliable Preservation Techniques

6. Marketing Strategies That Work

7. Back of the Envelope Business Plan – Business Model Canvas for Agro Commodities Trading

8. Agro Commodities Trading Success Secrets


i. Free ebook & operating guide that worth ₦5K

ii. Well Crafted Back of the Envelope Business Plan/BMC for Agro Commodities Trading

iii. Lifetime membership to mentoring group

Act now, take the plunge!

How to Register:

1. Pay the sum of just ₦25,000 ₦15,000 to The Merciful Merchants 0021158404 Stanbic IBTC.

2. Send evidence of payment, alongside your valid WhatsApp number for participating in the training to +2348065524808.

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