Agribusiness is more than farming

The primary goal of agribusiness is to maximize profit while sustainably satisfying the needs of consumers.

Agribusiness is not limited to farming. It encompasses a broader part through the agribusiness system which includes input supplies such as seeds, fertilizer and other agro chemicals, value-addition, marketing, entrepreneurship, among others.

If you want to venture into agriculture, I will advise you to think like a business person, you will only make money from the agro sector if you do it like a business person.

A business person will have a well detailed plan before choosing a sector in the agro sectors.

Agribusiness encompasses all the process involved from manufacture and production of produce to the final consumer.

Let me tell you this, you don’t need to be a farmer before you can start agric business.

Read it again!

I want to be a farmer, I love farming. Oya let me ask you this, why do you want to farm? to feed your family or to make money or to catch cruise?

Let me say it again, You don’t need to go to the farm before you can start agric business, you can stand as a supplier of farm inputs, such as chemicals, seedlings, fertilizers, drip tape and other farm inputs.

You can also be a marketer in the agro sector, there is money in this, buy from the farmers and sell to those that need it.

You can as well provide consultation service, most people are interested in farming. They need someone that will put them through a profitable venture in the agro sector.

What you can do is not limited to that, there are still lots of things you can decide to choose.

Change the way you think today, Agribusiness is not farming, neither it is totally referred to as Agriculture.

Agribusiness is more than farming and it encompasses the interlinked set of activities from the farm to the final consumer.


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